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well you® is a well-being platform that provides evidence based practical tools and resources to enable university students to flourish and thrive in their academic, emotional, physical and social life.

There is a growing understanding of the role that student well-being plays in productivity, performance, engagement and the student experience at university.

Raises Awareness of the benefits of physical and positive mental
Involves students and staff to engage with actions and activities to create and sustain positive well-being as individuals
Rewards staff and students for every positive action and activity completed
Develops a positive community to flourish and thrive
Enhances the learning, social, physical and digital environments to promote positive well-being
Building psychological and social resources that lead to greater productivity and achievement.

The well you® approach is a multi-dimensional platform designed for university students and staff intertwining digital and onsite actions and activities to enable a more positive, productive and happier university experience.

Underpinned by the UK Government’s Foresight Report – Mental Capital and Wellbeing Project and taking key insights from the Dooris’ Healthy Universities Model, Not by Degrees: Improving Student Mental Health in the UK’s Universities Report and the Universities UK #stepchange Framework  for Universities Mental Health in Higher Education.

The Well You approach promotes 5 key aspects of wellbeing all linked with positive suggestions for actions to improve and sustain personal well-being.


Committing acts of kindness, big or small, random or planned can give us a sense of purpose and make us feel happier and more satisfied about life. Studies have shown that maintaining a practice of gratitude increases resilience and can improve physical and psychological health.


Life-long learners are some of the healthiest, happiest people around. Our well-being can improve by taking up a new hobby, learning a new language or even playing chess. Learning can boost our life satisfaction, self-confidence, self-esteem and optimism. It can also give us a sense of purpose, help us connect with others and keep our brains active and exercised.

Take Notice

Studies have shown that being aware of what is taking place in the present can improve our mental well-being, and that paying attention to ‘the moment’ can help us to think about the things that are important to us. Taking Notice of our surroundings is instrumental for our well-being and also the importance for us to care and appreciate the world around us.

Healthy Habits

We know that keeping fit and active is good for our physical health, but it’s also really good for our mental well-being. It can have protective measures against stress and anxiety and sleep patterns. Being active can help with memory and cognitive function and enable an increase in our self-control and self-esteem and our ability to rise to a challenge. 


There is strong evidence that good relationships with family, friends and the wider community are important for our well-being and enables us to function well in the world. Building strong social connections in our lives can not only increase our well-being levels but immunity too.

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